From cover to cover, you'll encounter a huge range of Movement Illusions!

See amazing optical illusions come to life before your very eyes with over 90 perplexing pictures that will fly off the page! Each seemingly static image is cleverly created to trick your brain into seeing mesmerising movement.

You won't need special equipment to view each illusion, just enough light for you to make out the contrasting colours on each page. Many of the illusions will start to move the very moment you see them, while some are more discreet and may need coaxing to life!

Make sure you read the viewing tips above each illusion to see if there is any specific guidance for each individual image.

There are five main illusion types displayed including 3D, chaotic, circular, expanding and side-to-side.

96 pages.
Book dimensions: 22cm (w) x 28cm (l) x 1cm (d).

  Movement Illusions Specifications

Barcode # 9781474804875
Brand SimplyCool
Shipping Weight 0.74kg

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