Get ready to claim your place as the biggest nerd in the living room!

This custom designed Big Bang Theory Monopoly features 22 of your fan-favourite Pasadena locations!

Go for broke and set forth on your quest to own it all as you negotiate and purchase key locations such as Penny’s apartment, the Physics Department, Mrs Wolowitz’s house and the Cafeteria!

Chance and Community Chest cards have been swapped out for Fortune Cookies and Roommate Agreements, while houses and hotels have been renamed Colliders and Super Colliders!

Follow the original Monopoly game rules to play, and learn a few special rules for this edition along the way!

Tokens include:

  • Leonard’s glasses, Sheldon’s couch spot and Howard’s space helmet
  • Raj’s dog Cinnamon, Penny’s wine glass, Bernadette’s microscope and Amy’s Tiara!

Suitable for 2-7 players.

Recommended for ages 8 and up.

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Shipping Weight 1.340kg
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Monopoly Big Bang Theory Edition Reviews

Typical monopoly

By: Tony Prado on 2 January 2021
Typical monopoly with a twist to keep you interested.

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