The Make Your Own Lie Detector kit lets you build your very own interrogation device!

If you want the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, it’s time to sit your friends down and put them to the test.

Fold the cardboard parts together, attach the electrical components and get down to the cold hard truth (no glue or tools required)!

Get your family and friends to put their fingers on the included metal pads, then ask them a question and let the detector reveal all!

Your machine amplifies a small amount of electrical current that flows through the body, making the needle move. 

Tip: Apply light pressure near the edge of the metal finger pads for best results. 

Switch the device to "ON" to start, 0 = Low (truth) and 9 = high (lie).

What's Included: Cardboard parts, electrical components, double-sided tape and instructions.

* 1 x 9V battery is required.

Recommended for ages 8 and up - Adult help may be required. 

Our team has tried and tested this kit, it took approximately 30 minutes to complete from start to finish.

Please note: Instructions are provided in picture form and the different components are labelled by numbers. 

Make Your Own Lie Detector Reviews

A waste of time and money

By: Chris McDonald on 15 April 2022
45 mins for an 8 YO to assemble? I am an engineer and have spent more than an hour so far trying to follow the really poor instructions. You can’t build it the way it shows you, and there are important parts missing. I worked it out, and will try it tomorrow, but there is no way an 8 YO could do this. Of course it won’t work properly, but the cost of the product, plus I have to go and buy 9V battery and it will probably take another four hours of my time to do this and actually try and put it together. What a waste of time and money; and my granddaughter will soon send it to the bin for sure.

CoolThings Australia Response
Hi Chris, Thanks for your honest feedback on this little fun gag project. Paris, one of our lovely testing team members had a second go at putting this together when we saw your review. It was quite fiddly, it took about 30 minutes to put together. We completely understand you you meant about the instructions. As you only get pictures and components that are labelled by numbers. That being said once completed their was a shout of extreme satisfaction that they has built the thing! Paris found it fun to put together and went straight to the boss to check it out on him.

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