Grenade Mug

Grenade Mug in Hand
Grenade MugGrenade Mug Packaging
Weapon of Mass Consumption
  • Start your day with a bang!
  • Look dangerous
  • Be the coolest guy in the office
  •
Weapon of Mass Consumption

Wow! Your Grenade Mug looks just like a grenade, complete with textured finish and all!

With army green colouring and a handle that represents a firing pin, your mug even has a warning symbol and military batch number printed on the side to make you look the part!

While you can't remove the pin and turn your coffee into a caffeine explosion, you can look dangerous as you scope out the office at lunch time!

At 9cm high and 13cm wide, start your day with a bang as you polish off your favourite beverage!

A hilarious novelty gift for men, you won't get more manly than this weapon of mass consumption!

Made from a high quality ceramic (hand wash only, do not use in microwaves)


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