This Make Your Own Buzzer kit comes with everything you need to create a fun desktop buzzer game!

Fold and stick the cleverly designed cardboard pieces together, then pin the electrical components to the housing.

Once your construction is complete, you can bend the wire into any maze-like shape you choose. The more loopy the better!

Can you guide the mounted hook through the buzz wire from start to finish without touching it? You'll need a steady hand!

If you touch the wire with the wand, the alarm will sound and you'll have to start again!

Your kit includes: 8 coardboard pieces, electric components, double sided tape, buzz wire with hook, 2 LED's and detailed instructions.

No tools required (only 3 x AAA batteries - not included).

Recommended for ages 14 and up.

Assembled dimensions: 23cm x 15.7cm

  Make Your Own Buzzer Specifications

Brand Fizz Creations

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