This educational science kit will allow you to discover the power of magnetic attraction using 9 separate experiments, and learn the science behind the saying "opposite's attract"!

Learn exactly what a magnet is and how it works, make a your own compass and learn about magnetic levitation, there's so much to discover about magnetic attraction and repulsion!

With a detailed instruction booklet outlining each of the easy to medium level experiments, you will even learn how to make your very own fishing game, it's the perfect starter kit for a rainy day!


- 1 x Horseshoe Magnet
- 2 x Bar Magnets
- A bar of iron fillings
- 4 x Ring Magnets
- 1 x Compass
- Pins and paper clips
- A full colour instruction booklet

A discovery experiment for children aged 8 and up.

  Magnetic Attractions Kit Specifications

Barcode # 9320190754165
Brand SimplyCool
Shipping Weight 0.20kg

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