Madheadz Pug Party Mask

Madheadz Pug Party Mask Front
 Madheadz Pug Party Mask SideMadheadz Pug Party Mask
Do tricks for treats!
  • A full-adult sized latex dog mask
  • With his tongue out to beg for snacks
  • Perfect for Halloween and other creepy pranks
  •
Do tricks for treats!

Cute little dogs normally attract the bulk of attention in large crowds so why not take advantage!

Tilt your oddly-shaped head, and beg for snacks, you're sure to be a hit at the dog park or your next costume party!

This full-sized adult mask sits all the way over your head, see where you're going through the holes by the nose!

Perfect for Halloween, themed birthday parties, festivals, office pranks and more!

Natural latex material, soft and non toxic - if the latex smell bothers you, leave outside to air for a day.
Comfortable and breathable, one size fits most adults.
Does not include any other costumer accessories.
Approximate side: 30cm x 30cm


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