Use your Emojinal Calendar to give an assessment of your mood on a day-to-day basis as you record activities and special events!

Your desktop calendar contains 16 different flip-through Emoji's for you to choose from each day, as well as monthly stickers to label your calendar!

Feeling under the weather? Or perhaps you're over the moon! Simply flip the page to create a unique message that fits your current state of mind.

It's a crucial desktop accessory for your colleagues, as it spells out your demeanor in no uncertain terms!

Each page contains a unique emoji along with a hashtag to denote your mood. It's social networking fun in the real world!

Emoji's include:

- #Meh, #Flirty, #Cheeky, #Sad, #Happy, #Sick, #Bored and #Hot
- #Hangry, #Smug, #Doh, #Sleepy, #Blushing, #Confused, #Poo and #Shocked

Dimensions: 22cm tall x 15cm wide x 7cm deep at the base.

  Emojinal Mood Calendar Specifications

Barcode # 5037200041637
Brand npw
Shipping Weight 0.33kg

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