Every little girl dreams of fairies and ballerinas, so if you have a singing, dancing, wand-waving princess, make her wishes come true!

Your Duski LED Dream Light Fairy Ballerina will keep your little one feeling safe and secure as she drifts off to Fairyland each night.

With multiple settings for you to choose from, you can dim your lamp for bedtime sleep, or set it to maximum brightness to read by!

Set the timer to automatically switch off after an hour, or cycle through a range of 12 static colours using your remote!

Your gorgeous Fairy Ballerina Night Light features:

  • A remote control to choose the colour and change 4 levels of brightness (the brightest is enough to read by)
  • A beautiful set of designer LED colours including a warm and cool white (12 colours in all)
  • A dimmer function which controls the 4 levels of brightness
  • A sleep button that automatically lowers the brightness to low levels, perfect for sleeping
  • A timer which turns the night light off after 1 hour
  • A rainbow button that gently cycles through all of the colours as you check on your sleeping tots
  • A side lamp button that activates pure white at it's brightest level
  • Energy efficient LED's that stay cool to the touch so completely safe to leave on all night
  • A plug-in base and a micro USB cord to power your light solely by USB
  • Note: To plug your light into a power point, you'll need a USB wall plug (like the ones used to charge your smartphone) - sold separately.

Made from a resilient acrylic smart flat pack design.

Approximate dimensions:

Duski LED Dream Light Fairy Ballerina Reviews


By: Aron Segal on 17 March 2022
We needed a birthday present for our granddaughter who was turning 6 but were not sure what to buy her because we have not seen her that often in recent times due to Covid-19 restrictions. Our son mentioned that she liked ballerinas so we trawled the net and came across the Coolthings Australia site and the Duski Led Dream Light Fairy Ballerina. Our son says that she simply adores it and in fact, just likes having it sitting on her bedside table and not even switched on. She will be more thrilled once she sees it in all its glory and all thanks to the people at Coolthings Australia.

it looks beautiful

By: Thanh Binh Nguyen on 4 January 2022
It looked beautiful, my daughter felt happy and satisfied with this gift.

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