If you're annoyed at your own personal squishiness, bad habits, or just need something to help you in distress the Doctor Who Adipose Stress Toy is ready to serve!

Modelled after the baby Adipose from the popular BBC series Doctor Who, simply pinch the body of this cutey and feel yourself relax.

The Adipose are hand-sized, marshmallow-shaped beings composed entirely of fat. It's cute squidgy appearance shouldn't deceive you though, in the TV show Adipose would feed off the fat from human bodies! Yuck!!

Not this one though A licensed Doctor Who collectable, keep your Adipose Stress Toy close to squeeze whenever you're feeling frustrated or stressed! And in the times when you're not, he's just a cool thing to have around!

Any Dr Who fan or stress head will love this one!

Dimensions: 11cm x 10cm x 6cm


Barcode # 5060096384403
Brand SimplyCool
Shipping Weight 0.360kg

Doctor Who - Adipose Stress Toy Reviews

Didn't survive for long

By: Hayley on 3 August 2018
It's super cute, but unfortunately in less than a day the goo inside was leaking out through a small hole in the foot. Bit disappointed. Managed to stop the hole up with glue and it's now sitting on the shelf as an ornament.

CoolThings Australia Response
<p>Hi Hayley,</p> <p>Adipose are curious creatures indeed.</p> <p>Of all the ones that were left here on earth after the last starship picked up all their brothers and sisters (hundreds were left behind..) we haven’t had any of them leak their fat before.</p> <p>Wondering if there was a stray Zygon around that squeezed the poor little fella too much, did you happen to see any?</p> <p>I know they find it hard sometimes when they don’t have their nursing nanny around to protect them.</p> <p>P.S. If there were no Zygons involved would you like me to organise a credit for you for the little guy?</p> <blockquote><strong><i>Response from Hayley</i></strong><br /> oh thanks heaps but i'm happy for it to stay as an ornament now. it's still really cute so i'm happy to be its "foster" mother. - Hayley</blockquote>

Adipose stress toy

By: Krista on 13 September 2011
I love the adipose stress toy. he sits at work and is squished by all. He smells like coldcream and always go back into shape after play

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