Cactus Large Neon Light

Cactus Neon Light
Cactus Large Neon LightCactus Neon Light PackagingCactus Neon Light - Off
Who doesn't love a cactus?
  • A quirky piece of desert-themed home decor
  • Liven up your living room with retro style
  • No prickles or spikes, only lights and spice!
  •
Who doesn't love a cactus?

Brighten up your home with this funky Cactus Neon Light by Sunnylife!

It's large enough to add a major wow-factor to any living space at almost half a metre tall!

Shining bright in green neon, your Cactus Light is a vivid work of art that will cast a mesmerising glow in your oasis.

It's the perfect decoration for a Mexican fiesta themed party, with a really fun and modern twist!

So if you're looking for something to prick your creativity, this popular home decor cactus is a wonderful place to start.

Materials: Glass, ABS
Featuring a power adapter and cord (no batteries required)!
Dimensions: 18cm x 14cm x 41cm


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