I've heard it said 'different strokes for different folks', yet very few folks can resist the gentle and stimulating body massage given by the Mini Body Stroker from Orgasmatron!

More stylish than your average wooden back-scratcher, the Body Stroker has flexible copper arms that work their magic all over your body.

Sleepy Monkey Boy

Body Stroker and box

Used as part of a full-body massage, this humble hand-held beauty will set your senses ablaze and make you tingle from head to toe.

The people who created this little wonder also came up with the Orgasmatron Head Massager, so you're assured of a blissful and relaxing outcome no matter how you play with it.

It's the perfect way to unwind after a hard day, and even more fun if you get someone else to do it for you!

  Body Stroker Specifications

Brand CoolThings Australia
Shipping Weight 0.10kg

Body Stroker Reviews

If you have used the orgasmatron, this generates a

By: Dana K on 16 March 2009
If you have used the orgasmatron, this generates a very similar feeling. If you love the sensation of being tickled on the back, this is the perfect product! Absolutely effortless!!

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