Your Atomic Power Popper shoots 12 foam balls in rapid succession!

The soft, brightly coloured foam balls make the Atomic Power Popper ideal for indoor and outdoor sport. The faster you slide the handle back and forth, the faster and further the balls shoot out!

A blast of trapped air forces the balls out of the clear tube chamber and shoots them up to 6 metres away!

12 pack refills available: Power Popper Refills. Please see video below for the Atomic Power Popper.

Recommended for ages 4 and up.
Colours may vary from those illustrated.
Includes Air Blaster and 12 soft foam coloured Balls (easy to spot on the ground after popping).
No batteries required.

  All the cool Atomic Power Popper Specifications

Barcode # 9320832006096
Shipping Weight 0.48kg

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