The X Belt Adventure Kit is your one-stop exploration station for all young world discoverers!

Perfect for school projects and beyond, your little one can dress up in their adjustable Adventure Belt and venture into the great outdoors!

Your belt contains all the necessary instruments required for your child to learn about their world and how it works.

They'll turn anything into treasure as they collect and examine wood chips, flowers, rocks or even crawly critters!

Discovering, observing and collecting information is an important part of healthy growth, learning and development in all young children.

Your kit includes:

  • An adjustable belt with convenient carry bag for all your childs important finds (acorns, leaves, pebbles etc.)
  • An aluminium water bottle for keeping them hydrated on their explorative adventures
  • A bug viewer and optic wonder (a 7 use instrument including a compass, binoculars and a signal mirror)
  • A note pad for jotting down important information or tracing wonderful textured patterns such as leaves or bark
  • 2 handy carabiners for hooking on torches, teddies or whatever else they may need!

It's an educational adventure set for exploring, inquisitive and growing children!

Made in Italy.

Your belt measures 30cm x 26cm x 7cm

Not suitable for children under the age of 3 years.


  X Belt Adventure Kit Specifications

Barcode # 8006944809909
Brand Navir
Shipping Weight 0.80kg

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