Winer Dogs Wine Markers

Winer Dogs Wine Markers Packaging
Winer Dogs Wine Markers on GlassesWiner Dogs Wine Markers
Mark your territory with a dachshund!
  • Coming in a set of six fun colours
  • Mark your drink so you can find it again
  • They're the perfect housewarming gift!
  •
Mark your territory with a dachshund!

Which wine is mine? Wine and dine with a tribe of darling dachshunds that will keep your drink from going astray!

Coming in a set of six fun colours, your miniatures silicone pets wrap comfortably around the stem of your glass so you'll know which glass is yours right from the start! What a fun way to make things easier for your guests or party hosts!

You're not drinking alone when your dog is home, so spoil someone today with these adorable doggies that will charm them again and again!

Made of silicone.
Package Dimensions: 12.5cm x 11.5cm x 2.5cm.


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