Your partner (or the one you like) may think you're crazy for feeling the way you do, but why not describe to them in detail just what it is you love about them, and why you have been crushing on them from way back when!

Simply fill in the blanks of this 112 page volume and the object of your affection will have a personalised keepsake to remind them of your feelings this Valentine's Day, or in years to come. You may even get a date out of it!

Make it as seductive, silly or serious as you like, no matter what happens it's sure to delight!

Here are some sample entries to get you started:

I've had a crush on you since...
My heart does cartwheels when you...
If you were a candy, you'd be...

Hardcover with removable clear plastic jacket.
Dimensions 11cm x 8cm x 1cm.

  Why I'm Crushing on You Journal Specifications

Barcode # 825703500882
Brand Knock Knock
Shipping Weight 0.20kg

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