With this Transformers The Decepticon Invasion of Earth version of the popular game Risk you get the choice to become Earth's protector or destroy humanity.

The Decepticon Invasion of Earth Risk senario puts you and your board gaming friends either on the side of the Decepticons, who are invading Earth, or Optimus Prime and his Autobots, who are protecting the human race!

Transformers Risk starts with an inhabited human world with the Autobots in the centre of the game board. The Decepticons invade from the four corners of the world, and as the game progresses they can take human slaves to repair and rebuild damaged units!

Humans and Autobots always work together, but as we all know Decepticons can choose to ally with one another or fight amongst themselves. The survival of all players in the game depends on the Transformers' Energon - and once the stock of this rare Transformer life force is used up, the game is over!

The objective of the game differs depending on whether you play the Decepticons or Autobots.

Playing as the Decepticons:
The aim of the Decepticons is to conquer the Earth and enslave humanity. The more human slaves and territories controlled by the Decepticons, the more units they can send.

Playing as the Autobots:
The aim of the Autobots is to defend the Earth and ensure the survival of humanity. The more territories they recapture from the Decepticons, the more units they can send.

Transformers Risk Box Contents:

  • Game Board
  • 1 AUTOBOT Army
  • 1 Human Army
  • 3 DECEPTICON Armies
  • Sheet of ENERGON bars
  • Instructions
  • Power Cards
  • Territory Cards
  • Dice

This special collectable Transformers Risk The Decepticon Invasion of Earth board game was released on the 30th world anniversary of the Transformers.

Barcode # 5053410001476
Brand Hasbro
Shipping Weight 1.750kg

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