Get your string on with this amazing String Art Kit from Craft-tastic and create a variety of colourful yarn pictures!

Your kit contains three pre-designed pattern templates (a bird, starburst and FUN design) and everything you need to make them.

You will also find three foam canvases and enough pins and colourful string to finish all three. The only thing you'll need is scissors!

Each canvas can be used pattern side up so you can follow the dots, or pattern side down so you can come up with your own creation.

Hang your finished design up on your wall or give it as a gift!  Once you get the hang of it, you can even design your own works of art.

Tip: Sketch them out on paper first so you can perfect them, and, if you need additional string, you can find some at any craft store.

Following the included designs:

  1. Place the card stock paper on a hard work surface with tape facing up.
  2. Put the foam canvas on top of the paper with the pin pattern facing up. Align them.
  3. Push pins into the foam anywhere you see a dot on the canvas. The dots are laid out in the shape of your pattern, making it easy to follow.
  4. Select a thread and double knot it onto a pin. The instruction booklet recommends which colours to use (and the order to use them).
  5. Place the thread around the pins, going from pin to pin, but do not pull the thread tight between the pins.
  6. Thereƒ??s no wrong way to wrap it, just see what works for you!
  7. When finished with each thread, double knot it to the pin, then repeat the previous steps with other thread colours until youƒ??ve completed the pattern. But, donƒ??t forget to string the edges of your design in order to define the shape!


  • 3 x 21.6cm square sturdy foam canvases (with 3 different patterns)
  • 3 x pieces of cardstock with tape, 55m of embroidery thread and 170 ball head pins

Caution: Your kit contains sharp pins (no hammer or nails required).

Also available as: The 3D String Art Kit.

Recommended for age 10 and up.


Barcode # 858070002741
Brand Craft-Tastic
Shipping Weight 0.510kg

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