With the SunnyLife Sweet Tooth Pop Mould you can turn any drinkable liquid into your very own super yummy icee looking donut and classic icecream.

Inside the pack you get two big icee pop moulds contained in an easy to use flexible silicone tray.

Simply place the two included icee pop sticks into the mould, pour the liquid in, place in the freezer and several hours later "shazaam" you get yuminess.

The flexible silicone tray makes it super easy to remove your ice creations ready for eating and cooling off your day.

  • SunnyLife Sweet Tooth Pop Mould set comes with 1 x tray(two moulds) and 2 x pop mould sticks
  • It's resistant to boiling water - brew up some fruit on the stove and make healthy icee's
  • Materials: Food Grade Silicone PP - made for food
  • Dishwasher Safe - Pop it in and never have to wash up again
  • BPA Free

Have the sweetest of treats, step up your coolness with these cool Sweet Tooth Pop Moulds.


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  SunnyLife Sweet Tooth Pop Moulds Specifications

Barcode # 9339296032381
Brand Sunnylife
Shipping Weight 0.30kg

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