The SunnyLife Gimme 5 Catch Game brings you a unique twist to the fun game of catch whether you're at the park, beach or pool.

The Gimme 5 Catch Game pack you get includes 2 x suction capped balls and 2 x brightly coloured catching hands.

Slide your hand through the elastic strap to secure the catching hand to your hand and you're ready to play.

The game is simple throw the sucker ball to your partner for them to catch.

Who will be the champion Gimme 5 Catch Game hero in your family?

Barcode # 9339296030929
Brand Sunnylife
Shipping Weight 0.180kg

SunnyLife Gimme 5 Catch Game Reviews

Kids loved this

By: Peter on 10 October 2017
I got my kids to try this out and they absolutely loved it, gotta take it to the pool when it gets a bit warmer - Peter - Team Review

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