The Classic Rubiks Cube has come back to life with a brand new twist ƒ?? a hole in it's centre! This incredibly addictive puzzle will have you scratching your head for hours, so be prepared for a great memory taxing challenge!

Your Rubiks Void is a 3D mechanical puzzle similar to the traditional Rubiks Cube, but with the centre cubes missing, creating a hole straight through the cube on all three axes. An added dimension by something taken away!

It is much lighter than a regular Rubiks cube and turns a lot easier due to smoother corners and non-pointed edges. However, the Rubiks Void is a little more complicated than your average Rubiks Cube, despite having the same number of possible arrangements. The reason for this is that you can't see the colour of the centerpieces to base your next move.

The centerpieces normally determine the colour of each face, so you'll have to check the corners to find the colour scheme!

Recommended for ages 8 and up.
Officially licensed Rubiks merchandise.

  Rubiks Void Specifications

Barcode # 5020674986207
Brand Rubiks
Shipping Weight 0.29kg

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