NASA T-shirt

NASA T-shirt
NASA T-shirt PackagingNASA T-shirt
Celebrating space exploration!
  • A black t-shirt with the official NASA emblem
  • The perfect geeky gift for space enthusiasts
  • Available in men's classic, relaxed fit sizes
  •

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Celebrating space exploration!

If you're a fan of the work done by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, you'll love this NASA logo t-shirt!

We all know that space exploration is totally out of this world, so celebrate NASA and it's incredible discoveries by wearing it's emblem with pride!

In the logo, the blue sphere represents a planet, and the white stars constitute space. The red chevron on the other hand, is a wing representing the science of aeronautics, with the white circle depicting an orbiting spacecraft! An ideal gift for space gurus!

Machine washable.
100% cotton, classic relaxed fit.


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