When faced with unexpected downtime, travel games can be lifesavers!

These DIY Mr Playwood Mini Games can transform the most boring travel moments into fun bonding memories!

They're fun, portable and easy to learn, making them great stocking fillers for teens and adults!

Pop out the flat-packed wooden pieces and assemble your game pieces and casing. No glue or tools required.

It takes around 10 minutes to assemble each game ready to play time and time again!

You won't lose the game pieces as they remain stored in each special game case!

So get ready to check mate your opponents king, capture their game pieces or slide the numbers 1-15 into numerical order!

Choose one of the following designs using the drop down menu above:

  • Chess: Containing 38 flat-packed polished veneer parts, assembled size: 7.2cm x 7.2cm x 1.8cm
  • Checkers: Containing 30 flat-packed polished veneer parts, assembled size: 7.2cm x 7.2cm x 1.8cm
  • Fifteen: Containing 21 flat-packed polished veneer parts, assembled size: 7.3cm x 7cm x 1.5cm

Difficulty: Beginner

Recommended for ages 14 and up.

Each sold separately, you will receive just one (1) of the games listed above.

  Mr Playwood Mini Games Specifications

Brand Mr Playwood
Shipping Weight 0.08kg

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