Book Week

Book Week

Here you'll find the coolest things, ideal for decorating your schools and libraries for this years Book Week 2017.

If you've found your way here and are not sure what Book Week is all about, it's is the longest running children's festival in Australia and it celebrates its 72nd birthday this year.

This year's Book Week theme is "Escape to Everywhere". The dates for Book Week 2017 will be Friday18 August - Friday 25 August.

How will you 'Escape to Everywhere' perhaps by entering a fantasy world, following the trail to discover a maze of adventure, super powers, monsters and surprises, or travel through the 4th dimension from star system to star system.

Wondering what you, or the kids, can build or create on the theme of 'Escape to Everywhere'

Well, we have some awesomely cool ideas perfect for you to create an adventurous 'Escape to Everywhere', check them out below.

These are sure to get everyone ready to embrace their Escape on a globe-trotting adventure!

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