Marshmallow Extreme Blaster

Marshmallow Extreme Blaster Camo
Marshmallow Extreme BlasterMarshmallow Extreme Blaster Packaging
Shoots sweet, edible marshmallows!
  • Pump up the pressure to shoot marshmallows
  • Aim at a target up to 12 metres away from you
  • Triggering loads of fun for ages 6 to 66!
  •
Shoots sweet, edible marshmallows!

In the world of marshmallow warfare, the Marshmallow Extreme Blaster is a booming success with kids of all ages!

The single-action, pump blaster fires one large marshmallow at a time, and is the sweetest blasting mechanism in the great outdoors! Bringing a smile to hunters of all ages, your single-shot device fires marshmallows up to 12 metres away! Lock and re-load, it's time to get extreme with this key weapon in marshmallow destruction. It takes fewer pumps than its counterparts to shoot further!

Whether it be in the bush, or in your backyard, your Marshmallow Extreme Blaster triggers load of fun and laughter. You just require some regular-sized marshmallows to get you started (add to your order above) as you wage a soft marshmallow war against your opponents.

Available colours: Classic (red and blue) or Camo, make your selection above.

Our Marshmallow Ammo Pack Refills will keep you in action. Choose the large option to suit this blaster.

Run hot water over the chamber to clean.
Place your marshmallows flat side forward to avoid jams.
Recommended for ages 6 and up.
Dimensions of Blaster: Approximately 36cm (l) x 5cm (w).



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