This Light Stax LED Building Blocks Classic pack is a set of extraordinary LED building blocks that light up when connected to a power base, or when connected either directly or indirectly, to other blocks that are lit through a power base when stacked together! Given enough time, you can build an entire structure that shines in the night like a brightly coloured star!

The Light Stax Classic Kit contains 24 brightly coloured LED blocks that can be snapped together in a number of different ways, with the possibilities expanding with each new block that is added to the construction process. What a brilliant way to aid cognitive development and boost one's creativity and imagination, loved by kids and adults alike!

The different coloured Stax make the overall effect quite stunning, and with 4 fantastic light settings to choose from, your blocks can also act as a DIY night light! These settings include solid light, flashing, fading and auto-off after 15 minutes, powered by transference from the base by 3 x AAA batteries or USB (included), so there are no hazardous wires or connectors.

But what's even cooler about Light Stax is their ability to stack with other traditional building blocks. This means that you won't have to buy an entire new line of blocks to take advantage of a glowing creation. Whilst LEGO Duplo blocks won't glow, you can build a structure that will partially glow, as long as you build them on the powered base.

And we all know kid's don't like to have their marvelous creations disrupted, so when it's time for lights out, the on/off switch can be found on the side of your powered base and not on the bottom... No creations need to be upended or taken down!

Your Classic Pack includes: 24 x Light Stax Blocks in 6 colours, 1 x USB Smart Base, 1 x USB to DC cable and 3 x AAA batteries.

Also available to expand your collection: Light Stax LED Building Blocks Starter (12 blocks), Advanced (36 blocks) and Unlimited (102 blocks)!

What people are saying:
- "A great present for any age. Ours has been a tower, a square and a Christmas Tree!"
- "Just like actual LEGO, these are very, very cool and a lot of fun to play with!"

Recommended for ages 5 and up.
Suitable and safe for children and adults with epilepsy.
Block Dimensions: 3cm x 3cm x 2cm

  Light Stax LED Building Blocks Classic Specifications

Barcode # 4260350560210
Brand Light Stax
Shipping Weight 0.70kg

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