This cool white LED Bottle Light Kit will help you recycle your favourite vintage tranforming it into into a funky room mood light.

The kit turns an empty spirits or wine bottle into an cool mood light. Great for creating atmosphere in any room in your house.

How to Use the LED Bottle Light Kit:

  1. Drink wine
  2. Wash out wine bottle
  3. Pop a 1 x AA Battery into the light kit.
  4. Insert the wirelights into the bottle
  5. Slide the chrome/aluminium stopper into the top of the bottle.
  6. Switch on the light

LED Bottle Light Kit Features:

  • 20 bright white low power consuming LED bulbs powered by a single AA battery.
  • on-off switch ingeniously fitted inside an chrome/aluminium stopper

Barcode # 9318051125353
Brand Transomnia
Shipping Weight 0.100kg
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LED Bottle Light Kit Reviews

These lights are great!

By: Paula on 22 March 2021
These lights are great. Really nice finish with the stainless steel. Fantastic for outdoor/party lighting or an interesting lamp. They give off a surprising amount of light too. A great way to enjoy your wine a little longer :)

High Quality pro

By: Tammy G on 14 October 2020
High Quality product. The bottle lights look beautiful and are so simple to set up. Good price. Fast delivery.

These bottle lig

By: Tammy on 4 October 2020
These bottle lights are very high quality. I bought some from another company too. The other ones are not as bright and there are fewer lights on each strand. Cool things bottle lights have a much classier looking top on them too. They look pro. Love them. Highly recommend.

The website’s service was excellent

By: Rick Vielie on 29 December 2019
Having seen similar wine bottle lights recently in Croatia, I was very pleased to find them at Cool Things when we returned to Australia. So pleased, in fact, that I ordered another couple of them as a Christmas present for a family member. The website’s service was excellent, and the price was right. What more could you ask for?

LED Bottle Light Kit

By: Hanne Sorensen on 21 November 2018
An amazing product,get the enjoyment of a good bottle of wine twice.

Super Cool Feature

By: Mark on 11 October 2018
I installed this in an empty Bombay Sapphire gin bottle and it looks really great, especially with the blue colour of the glass. I'm going to get more kits for other spirit bottles

Explore the possibilities

By: Chris Simmons on 12 June 2018
I'm a part time artist who doesn't have any wine bottles or need for night lights; I bought this to experiment with light-based art. My experiments have only just begun, but I can say that the product worked well out of the box and is a lot more convenient than putting the bits together yourself. Looking forward to playing more with it and showing it to the grand kid!

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