Pathfinders have designed the very first hydraulic catapult, a Hydrapult, using the energy of moving fluid to hurl items!

Now you can learn all about levers and simple machines, trajectories, how projectiles fly, and test theories about release angles and weight of projectiles, all with a fun and engaging DIY kit!

Complete with educational material and target making instructions, you can shoot at a target, go for distance, or knock down small block walls... The Hydrapult is an exciting science kit to inspire all budding engineers!


- 3 arm pieces, 14 supporting pieces and 1 MDF base
- 15 wooden dowels and spacers
- 1 pack of soft clay and 1 tube of glue
- 2 syringes and tubing, 1 piece or sand paper and 1 foam pad
- 11 elastic and o-rings

Includes all parts and glue required.
Made of sturdy die-cut plywood with an mdf base.
Recommended for ages 8 and up.

  Hydrapult Specifications

Barcode # 615872472840
Brand Pathfinders
Shipping Weight 0.65kg

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