In the far reaches of the MARVEL universe, a ragtag band of misfits, outsiders and swashbucklers are thrown together by circumstance and must join forces to defeat a cosmic force of epic power.

These unlikely heroes led by the interstellar adventurer Star-Lord embark upon a rollicking journey that spans multiple worlds and alien races and will truly earn them the name "Guardians of the Galaxy"!

For a LIMITED TIME ONLY, get these cool & collectable Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy Film Version Nesting Dolls.

You'll receive five plastic nesting dolls in each set, including Rocket Raccoon, Gamora, Star Lord, and Drax all nestled inside a grinning Groot.

These colourful Marvel nesting dolls range in size from 5cm to 11.43cm. The limited-edition Guardians of the Galaxy nesting dolls are perfect as a collectable for fans of the film and comic books and they look awesome on display!

Get them while the galaxy is still at peace!

  Guardians of the Galaxy Nesting Dolls Set Specifications

Barcode # 801452502988
Brand PPW Toys
Shipping Weight 0.26kg

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