Summer is all about having fun, good friends and having a great place to relax and cool down for a bit.

This Summer is all about pool parties, and chilling out on a cool pool float that's sure to turn some heads!

So bring your chilling experience to a whole new level of awesomeness with this sweet and juicy looking Gummy Bear Pool Float!

It inflates into a gigantic, bright red Gummy Bear with a super-comfy circular cutout so you can laze about snacking on lollies all day!

Take one to your neighbour's pool party, or buy one as a gift for the sweet tooth in your life!

Easy to wipe down, inflate, deflate and store.
Dimensions once inflated: 101.5cm wide x 152.5cm high.
Made from durable vinyl your pool float holds up to 90kgs.

  All the cool Giant Red Gummy Bear Pool Float Specifications

Barcode # 718856157280
Brand Big Mouth Toys
Shipping Weight 1.40kg

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