From The Founder


Hi, My name is Peter and welcome to CoolThings Australia!

Whatever the reason for your visit today you're sure to find a unique, out of the ordinary idea that you'll love. Something that's cool, fun and also family friendly.

For over 11 years our mission has been to seek out the coolest gifts from around the world to help people share how they feel about the family & friends they love by the giving of a cool & unique gift...

Gift giving is a lot of fun, especially because it can simply be out of the blue. Sure we can show someone how we feel about them on their birthday & at Christmas. However it’s awesome when a gift is unexpected.

And that’s a big part of why we love doing what we do, finding CoolThings and helping people share what the people around them mean to them.

What drives us here as a team?
We're not interested in mansion living or buying expensive cars. Our vision is to use the revenue that comes in through you choosing us to shop with to help our community locally, nationally & internationally.

We believe when we sow into the dreams and visions of people who want to see change in our world, we’ll be able see that change happen and be a part of it too.

And that excites us! :-)

Happy Shopping and may the Coolness Be With You,

Founder & Chief Gadgetologist.