PowerUp 2.0 Electric Paper Airplane Conversion Kit

Electric Paper Airplane Conversion Kit
Electric Paper Airplane DiagramElectric Paper Airplane Charging Module
Convert your paper plane into...
  • A free flight electric paper airplane!
  • Made of durable carbon fibre composite
  • With four spectacular airplane designs!
  •
Convert your paper plane into...

Your Electric Paper Airplane Conversion Kit is designed to turn your self-made paper plane into a lean, mean flying machine! This super light-weight, rechargeable electric airplane motor will take your designs to a whole new level! Simply fold a standard piece of copier paper into a design of your choice, clip on the PowerUp, and you're ready to take flight!

The smart module that attaches to the nose of your paper plane is made from a highly durable carbon fibre composite in order to withstand the occasional rough landing. That being said, it is best to fly your plane in a grassy field. Give the module a 20 second charge with the included battery pack and watch your plane soar high above your head!

Prior to take off, dock the motor in the front of your battery pack and the propeller will spin to life. When the prop reaches its highest pitch, give your aircraft a gentle toss and watch it take to the skies! Each flight will last for around 30 seconds to 1 minute before requiring a recharge, so it's perfect for science class, after school programs, or a sunny day in the park!

Each kit includes: A storage case, instructions, power module, charging unit and spare propeller.

A challenging, creative and educational activity for kids and adults alike! You will find that nearly any airplane design shorter than 20cms will work with the PowerUp Kit. There are tons of resources available online that offer instructions for folding standard A4 paper into paper planes!

Please note: Depending on the wind and weather conditions, it is possible to create flights up to two minutes in duration. Whilst it is not easy, it is a definite possibility!

Recommended for ages 8 and up.
Requires 3 x AA batteries not included.
Carry out over 50 charged flights with one set of batteries.



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