Selfishness is a helpful trait in Disney Star Wars Selfish, as you search the galaxy for rebel scum aboard the Millennium Falcon!

In order to win, you must preserve your fuel supply, upgrade your ship, and fight your way through space to reach the rebels first.

Attack other players to move through space towards your target, but don't let others disable you on your journey, you must protect yourself!

If you do run out of fuel, or have no upgrades on your ship, your ship is broken down, you're stranded, and you're out of the game.

But, if you reach the Millennum falcon first, then you capture the Rebels and win. Everyone else loses the game!


  • 5 player cards, 5 player mats
  • 39 space cards, 48 fuel cards, 31 upgrade cards
  • 1 millennium falcon card, 1 galaxy guide and full instructions

Suitable for 2-5 players.

Approximately 20 minutes play time.

Recommended for ages 8 and up.

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