Make your dreams come true as you create your very own Superhero and professional Comic Book!

This kit contains everything you need to bring your imaginative ideas to life no matter your age or drawing ability.

Complete with stencils, tracing sheets, templates and other activities to help hone your craft, you'll be forging a new secret identity in no time!

Separated into manageable sections, you can work your way through the entire book, or take it one step at a time as you gather ideas. You'll learn many important skills, from shaping your hero's iconic emblem and background, to laying out a comic strip and sketching out a story board!

Your kit includes:
- 1 x 8 Page Comic Book and 1 x 8 Page Activity Book
- 1 x Cardboard Stencil Sheet, 4 x Graphic Tracing Sheets and 3 x Project Activity Sheets

Activities include:
- Designing a Superhero and Superhero Logo
- Character Development, Planning and Writing a Story
- Story Boarding a Comic Strip and Creating a Comic Strip Layout
- Designing a Front Cover, Pencil Sketching, Inking and Line Work

Made from recycled cardboard and paper.
Caters to all ages and drawing abilities but best suited for ages 7 -12.
Packaging Dimensions: 20.5cm (w) x 27.5cm (h) x 0.5cm (d).

  Design Your Own Superhero Comic Book Specifications

Barcode # 5060262130858
Brand SimplyCool
Shipping Weight 0.30kg

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