Copper 3 in 1 Pen Tool

Copper 3 in 1 Pen Tool Packaging
Copper 3 in 1 Pen Tool on DeskCopper 3 in 1 Pen Tool
With built-in spirit level and screwdriver!
  • Perfect for small jobs around the home office
  • A great incentive to tackle menial tasks
  • Ideal for someone who has everything!
  •
With built-in spirit level and screwdriver!

Do you fancy yourself as a bit of a handy man? Now you'll have all the right tools at your fingertips!

Perfect for your home, office or toolbox, this handsome pen is exactly what you need to get your jobs done without hassle. In fact, you can go straight from the blue prints to (almost) completing your projects in one stretch with your handy build-in spirit level and screwdriver!

It's the ideal gift for the person with everything, a budding inventor or someone who needs a push in the right direction with completing jobs around the home. You can write a list of jobs to be done, then have them get to work hanging pictures and tightening the hinges on the kitchen cupboards!

Copper coloured plated plastic, refillable black ink ballpoint pen.
Suitable for both flat head and Phillips head screws.
Dimensions of pen: 14.2cm long.


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