Scientists are typically interested in knowing How and Why something occurs. When they encounter a problem, they try to think of a reasonable explanation (or hypothesis) for what they see!

Now you have the opportunity to experiment with science in your own home, performing 19 fun experiments that explore the natural world, and test your own scientific theories and explanations!

Your comprehensive kit provides educational science fun for the whole family. It contains a 51 page full-colour booklet that was designed and written by qualified scientists to help you on your path.

Activities cover the areas of matter, chemical reactions, surface tension, crystallography and forensic chemistry. There are many fun facts for you to learn along the way!

You can make your own volcano, sizzling sherbet, lave candy and slime, whilst learning about mayonnaise, floating eggs and crystal trees! There are so many fun experiments to try!

Please note: You may require some common household items that are readily found around the home or at your local supermarket (e.g. a zip lock bag or small soft drink bottle).

- Safety goggles and a pair of vinyl gloves (not provided for supervising adult)
- Transfer pipettes (2), a small vial, a wooden stirrer and a balloon
- A plastic spoon, filter paper, 10ml graduated tubes (2) and 100ml plastic cups (2)
- Bicarbonate of soda, red-dyed vinegar, mono ammonium phosphate and polyvinyl alcohol
- Sodium tetraborate (borax) and a magic flower pack

Recommended for children aged 10 and up with a supervising adult.

  Chemistry Chaos Specifications

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