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In the heart of Japan's city of Seto you will find one of Japan's "Six Ancient Kilns," Seto is famous for ceramics and being overflowing with pottery shops however there is a workshop that's not like the others.

At Sunart Co., Ltd., a plate is not just a plate. A teapot is not just a teapot and a cup is not just a cup. Sunart works under completely different concept, where everyday objects are fun, whimsical works of art.

Founder and President Takeru Terada and his son, Senior MD Hitoshi Terada, believe wholeheartedly that household items shouldn't spend their downtime in a dark cupboard but instead be on display, doubling as interior decorations. Sunart has since its founding in 1974, worked hard to combine fun and fancy with usability, creating an ever-expanding and awesome array of everything from dishes and earthenware pots to toilet-brush holders, piggybanks and more.

In addition to its own creations, Sunart has a unique licensing agreement with Disney. Many of its original styles are available featuring various princesses and characters from films like Toy Story and Star Wars, filling in for its own designs.

You'll find these awesome creations aren't available at Disney stores or resorts but rather only through approved retailers like us here at CoolThings Australia.

Have fun picking out your favourite!

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