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Plus Plus

Plus Plus

Plus-Plus is an outstanding creative building toy company from Denmark. The product was developed in Denmark during the eighties with the idea that you can create anything with just one shape! Plus-Plus has an interesting design with its one shape and 2 sizes that can connect with other identical Plus-Plusses. From two blocks joined together, you can create anything that you can think of, both in 2D and in 3D. It is a great educational toy that encourages creativity, focus and patience!

Combining the elements of STEM (science, tech, mathematics and engineering), and resulting in hours of fun and play for all ages. Use the building guides with the product, and also use your creativity and imagination to create new things. 

Plus Plus is made from LDPE plastic, with most of the carefully chosen raw material suppliers located in the EU.  Safety is important and Plus Plus is tested to the highest of standards.  Plus Plus is free of phthlates, PVC and BPA and approved for food and beverage.

Cleaning of your Plus Plus is easy.  Simply pop them in a mesh bag and into the washing machine or dishwasher (note - max 90 degrees Celsius).

When you've finished playing with your Plus Plus, either hand them on to someone else who will love them, or they are fully recyclable.



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