Introducing Tiny Hands, invented by the cool team from Big Mouth INC and brought to you by CoolThings Australia.

These ultra-realistic cool miniature-props are a hilarious way to surprise (and also slightly creep out) people you meet.

Tiny Hands are easy to use, just hold onto them and conceal your real hands for an almost instant reaction. Use them in public, freak out your friends, disrupt your office —the possibilities are endless when you go "hands-on".

Whatever you do, get it on video and hashtag #tinyhands #coolthingsaustralia because it might just go viral and win you accolades of awesomeness.

Each Tiny Hand is 12cm in length and you get two Tiny Hands in the box.


Barcode # 718856154371
Brand Big Mouth Toys
Shipping Weight 0.170kg

Big Mouth Tiny Hands Reviews

Hold me closer tiny hands, sir

By: pip on 10 May 2018 - Verified Customer
When I'm wearing my tiny hands, I feel like I can take on the world. I never used to be funny until I bought these, and now I'm the most likeable, hilarious and zany member of my chess club. Not to mention I'm now the favourite jokester on the whole 3rd floor at my office when I use these baby's. It used to be Karen from finance because she was great at impressions (Pauline Hanson in particular) but now people can't get enough of my tiny hands shticks.

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