This BabyChino Sippy Cup coordinates your young one in the coolest way with Mum and dad's own matching caffeinated beverage of choice.

A must-have accessory for the hip kid who's not a morning person either unless they've had their morning ritual drink too.

So while you sip on your favourite blend, pour some juice, milk, or formula for your little one and enjoy your morning routine together.

Got no time for a relaxing morning ritual? No problem at all. This cool BabyChino Sippy Cup's removable lid was designed to prevent spillage, so it's the perfect unique accessory to take on the go.

Fully dishwasher safe and BPA Free, this Sippy Cup is safe to use and easy to clean. Holds 207 mL.

  BabyChino Sippy Cup Specifications

Barcode # 810314022427
Brand Gamago
Shipping Weight 0.08kg

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