Tony Stark, a self-made superhero. Using his money and intelligence to make the world a safe and better place as Iron Man.

And now it's your turn to create his advanced suit of armour by folding and connecting three flat packed laser-etched metal sheets to form a detailed 3D display model that fits neatly in the palm of your hand. The perfect gift for a die-hard Marvel fan with some spare time on their hands!

Not for the faint-hearted, this particular model is very challenging and is not recommended for beginners. Using a pair of tin snips or needle nose pliers (not included), pop out the tiny pieces from their backing and bend the tabs to connect the pieces. There is no glue or solder required, just patience, skill and a level head. You may not complete your model in one sitting, but stick at it, the shiny results are extraordinarily striking!

You may require a magnifying glass and a well-lit room to complete your model, be prepared for a unique labour of love!

If you're working on a number of models, the Metal Earth 3 Piece Tool Kit will make things quicker and easier!

Skill level: Advanced.
Recommended for ages 14 and up.
Approximate dimensions once assembled: 12.1cm x 5.7cm x 6.35cm.


  Avengers Metal Earth Ironman Specifications

Barcode # 032309033229
Brand Fascinations
Shipping Weight 0.10kg

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