Your Ant Farm Pocket Colony is a fully self-contained living space for ants, containing a special nutrient gel that they can live off!

Whilst it can be fun to watch ants outside, its awesome to study them in an ant farm too, to see all the action that goes on underground!

But, before you can begin, you have to collect them first! This may require some detective work, especially in Winter or colder climates!

Ants live in soil, underneath rocks, or in pieces of wood. But you may have to do some digging or flipping over of rocks, it's like hide-and-seek! 

Make sure you wear gloves for careful handling. Did you know that once in their new habitat, they can live off the gel alone? No food required!

After 24-48 hours, your ants will get settled. Watch as they start to organise a nest! The gel contains everything they need to thrive.

Drop them into the translucent blue gel (based on experiements conducted by NASA scientists) and watch them tunnel, clean and work.

Your colony will usually survive for 1-3 months without a queen ant.

Getting started:

  1. Open the lid of your habitat kit and make 2 holes (2-3cm deep) with stick or cotton bud.
  2. Collect 5-8 ants from the same colony or grouping and put them into the habitat. Quickly close the lid!
  3. Place the habitat in a shady and quiet spot, away from direct sunlight (best kept between 15 and 30 degrees).
  4. Be patient! Your pets may take 24-48 hours to adapt to their new environment and start tunnelling.
  5. Every week, open the small plug for a few seconds to let the ants breathe fresh air!

Things to remember:

  • Ants are not included, you will need to explore our world and collect them!
  • Don't mix ants from different colonies, or they will fight to the death. Also ensure they are more than 5mm in length or they may escape.
  • Never handle or touch the ants directly as they can bite or sting - adult supervision is required for collecting your colony.
  • Wash your hands before starting your experiment, and whilst the gel is non-toxic, it is not for human consumption.

Your miniature pocket colony is lightweight, measuring: 10cm (h) x 6cm (w) x 3cm (d).

Recommended for ages 7 and up.

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Brand Heebie Jeebies
Shipping Weight 0.240kg
Contains Button Cell Batteries No
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