100 Reasons to Panic About Getting Old

100 Reasons to Panic About Getting Old
100 Reasons to Panic About Getting Old Pages
Are you really that old?
  • Your next birthday is on its way...
  • You'll laugh, you'll cry and you'll freak out
  • Then do it all over again next year!
  •
Are you really that old?

Wisdom, stability, retirement - all these perks spring to mind when you contemplate the golden years. But now that you're getting older, there might be some other words entering your brain... Doubt, alarm, terror!

So for your petrified edification, we've laid out every reason under the sun to panic about getting older, and probably a few more - one hundred, to be specific! More than enough to frighten you out of your wits and paralyse you with dread about reaching the top of the hill.

That next birthday is already on its way. Oh boy... That's a lot of candles! Are you ready to be old? So here's an honest look at what you're in for, as well as a much needed tonic to the terror:

- Your free time will be spent playing golf (at least you'll have an excuse to wear crazy plaid pants)
- Some con man will swindle you out of your retirement savings (but at least you'll learn some great budgeting skills)
- You'll probably go bald (but less hair does mean less maintenance)
- You'll have an endless list of aches and pains (but you won't run out of things to talk about)
- Your once cool tattoo will turn into something unrecognisable (you can tell people it's surrealist)!

So are you ready? Really? Yeah right! Go forth and panic!

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