How many cats do you have? Perhaps you have more cats than ex-boyfriends...

Your Crazy Cat Lady Figurine comes complete with 6 free-standing pet cats (a perfectly normal number of cats of course).

But, look a little closer and you'll find two more feline friends hiding comfortably behind her neck and in her pocket!

She's slightly unhinged, standing before her prized self-portrait, as the house-shaped packaging becomes her lounge room backdrop.

Take the quiz on the back of the pack to determine whether you're a true cat lady or not!

Bend her pyjama-clad arms to help her caress her cats, or use her a cake topper for your next cat-loving birthday bash.

Stands 13cm tall.

  Crazy Cat Lady Action Figurine Specifications

Barcode # 739048124705
Brand Archie McPhee
Shipping Weight 0.26kg

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