USB Desktop Bouncer


Are you worried about the security of your stationery?

With this USB Bouncer, you can feel safer - and never lose a pen again!

A motion sensor in the front of his jacket detects when an unwanted intruder is near. If anyone dares come too close, they will activate the USB Bouncer and he will randomly issue one of 6 different warnings, in a creative British accent!

- 'You're cruisin' for a bruisin''
- 'Come over 'ere if you think you're hard enough'
- 'Not today mate'
- 'You're not comin' anywhere near here lookin' like that'
- 'Your name's not down, you're not comin' in'
- 'You're not welcome 'ere'

The ideal gift for any person who wants to safeguard their stationery.

USB or battery powered (requires 3 x AAA batteries or USB cable not included)
Dimensions: 20cm x 14cm x 7cm



The bouncer is cool and has worked very well in the office....

The bouncer is cool and has worked very well in the office. The only thing is that he is probably overused and the batteries run down quickly!

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