Wind him up, put him in water and watch him swim around!

Seymour the Tiger Shark is one of many Z Wind Up toys that have re-introduced the simplicity and innovative design of toys! No batteries, electricity or high technology is needed to run these wonderful wind ups - they'll put a smile on the face of those young and old.

Made of translucent plastic so you can see the inner functions of your wind up, Seymour the Tiger Shark is 7cm long and will be an instant classic with your family.

Thanks to Seymour, Froggy had to cut his last vacation short. Prowling the waters off Hawaii looking for unlucky divers and swimmers, Seymour has made a lot of enemies both in and out of the water. Pongo the Dolphin, however, knows how to drive him off--a little rub of that soft spot underneath the front fins will send this ticklish shark scurrying for deep water.

Seymour swims around blinking his eyes, as his propeller spins for forward movement and his adjustable tail acts as a rudder. He'll swim around in whatever water vessel you choose to put him in!

So make bath time fun with Seymour the Tiger Shark!

  Z Wind Ups - Seymour the Tiger Shark Specifications

Barcode # 678643405775
Brand SimplyCool
Shipping Weight 0.04kg

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