Z Wind Up toys are fast growing collectables that bring back the simplicity and innovation of toys!

6cm long, Rowdy is the only racer able to take his game off road. While he can't sash through trees like Off-Road, or crash through mud puddles like Splatter, Rowdy does have the ability to leap over any obstacle in his path. A quick burst of energy and he's jumping over whatever log, pit or hungry dinosaur that gets in his way!

Wind him up and watch as he comes to life, driving forward and flipping over to reveal another design on the bottom of him, then continuing to drive on! On one side he's red, on the other he's white!

No matter what age, Rowdy the red flipping race car is sure to put a smile on your face!

So give this guy a home today, he's the perfect stocking filler for car-lovers everywhere!

Special offer: When you purchase 4 or more Z Wind Ups in one transaction, you'll receive a bonus one for free (design chosen at random).

  Z Wind Ups - Rowdy the Racecar Specifications

Barcode # 678643402606
Brand CoolThings Australia
Shipping Weight 0.04kg

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