Wacki Bandz

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Wacki Bandz are the latest craze for seriously cool kids of all ages. Put simply, they are silly-shaped rubber bands that always return to their original shape after use!

The idea is to mix them, match them, wear them, share them, stretch them, flick them and trade them with your friends. There are hundreds to collect - choose as many are you dare!

Wacki Bandz can do everything rubber bands do. Wear them on your wrists, your bag, your earrings, your shoes, there's no limit to what you can do with them!

Each pack of Wacki's contains 12 silicone bandz that are shaped to fit a particular theme. One pack of Wacki's is never enough, so Wacki Ballz are the best way to keep your Bandz together.

How to make a Wacki Ball:
1. Wrap a single Wacki Band around the top of a pencil. Slide it off to start your Wacki Knot.
2. Get your Wacki Knot as small as possible - try folding it in half a couple of times.
3. Start wrapping more and more Wacki Bandz around the knot to create a Wacki Ball (you may have to wrap them around a few times to get your ball nice and tight).
4. Throw, squeeze or bounce your ball!

Using the drop-down menu above, select the Wacki theme that suits you best.

Wacki Bandz Dinos

Wacki Bandz Ocean

Wacki Bandz Pets

Wacki Bandz Popstar

Wacki Bandz Safari

Wacki Bandz Princess

Wacki Bandz Summer

Wacki Bandz Zoo

Recommended for ages 5 and up due to small parts.
Colours and styles may vary from those illustrated.
Each pack sold separately.

Want more designs? Check out Wacki Bandz Series 2!


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