Have some fun as you plaster your fridge or whiteboard with abbreviated TXT phrases to pass messages on to others in your household or classroom!

With three different packs available (chosen at random), we're sure you'll find it amusing as your oldies try to decipher each obscure abbreviation!

Each pack contains 6 assorted magnets that cover phrases such as 'talk to you later - TTYL', 'be right back - BRB', and 'best friends forever - BFF'! They're just so GR8 you won't be able to resist!

And while you may not understand these, we're confident your teenagers will! They might even think you're cool for a minute or two when you give them one!

Translation guide not included.
Dimensions of each magnet: 2.5cm in diameter.
6 x assorted magnets in each pack: green, yellow, purple, blue, orange and pink.
Please note that we cannot select certain phrases, the magnets come pre-packaged.

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Barcode # 095787140285
Shipping Weight 0.05kg

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