You'll never putt this down once you've started... it's frustratingly addictive and arguably harder than golf itself!

All you need to do is get the golf ball to sit on the tee inside the globe full of water. Sounds simple right? We'll I've been sitting at my desk for a good 15 minutes now and I can tell you from experience, it's harder than it looks!

By holding the globe by its base you should be able to tilt and shake the ball mildly. But it just doesn't want to go where you want it!
It's even magnified by the plastic to make it easier for you to see, but don't be fooled into thinking this makes it easier!

It's great to keep you entertained when you're bored at your desk, but if you have an addictive personality you'll never get back to work! It's quite intriguing really, it's one of those love hate things that's strangely enjoyable... Don't let it beat you!

Dimensions: 12cm x 11cm
Do not squeeze the plastic dome as it may break the seal.
Check regularly for signs of wear or damage.

  Teed Off Specifications

Barcode # 5026815013504
Brand SimplyCool
Shipping Weight 0.85kg

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